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the purple foodie bookshelf

some of my favourite food books that I love and keep going back to. and this is my wishlist.

Pastry | Bread | Food Writing | Cooking Resource | Cooking (and a bit of baking, too)


The Kitchen Diaries (USA | UK | India)

[I will read and cook from anything that has Nigel Slater’s name on it. While I got this book back in Bombay where I couldn’t really cook by season (it’s summer throughout the year!) I appreciate it even more now that I can.]

The Bread Bible (USA | UK | India)

The Omnivore’s Dilemma (USA | UK | India)

In Defense of Food (USA | UK | India)

50 Great Curries of India (USA | UK | India)


Eggs (USA | UK | India)

[I don’t like eggs so much, but on days when I’m left with no produce and only myself to cook for, I turn to this one.]

Lunch in Paris (USA | UK | India)

You cannot open a book without learning something.



The Bread Baker’s Apprentice (USA | UK | India)

[Nothing beat’s Perter Reinhart’s descriptive explanation on making bread. Although his other book is far less intimidating - in writing and size.]


Ratio (USA | UK | India)

[Once you know the techniques, all you got to do is memorise those ratios!]


My Life in France (USA | UK | India)


The Art of Simple Food (USA | UK | India)

[Alice Waters is such an inspiration. I’ve cooked so many recipes from here, and I wish this book was on my shelf in Paris and not in my parents’ attic!]


Larousse Gastronomique (USA | UK | India)

[AKA the Bible.]


The Making of a Chef (USA | UK | India)


India Cookbook (USA | UK | India)

[The one Indian cookbook I carried with me when I moved to Paris - a 1.5kg book packed with inspiration. Of course, being Indian I only take it as a guideline and follow my grandma’s thumb rules.]